A Zorg is a creature that comes in different shapes and sizes. A giant Zorg is encountered by Spaceman Spiff (Calvin) in a Sunday strip. In it, Spaceman Spiff is chased by a Zorg (Calvin's Mom) the Zorg takes Spaceman Spiff to its cave (Calvin's bathroom) and tries to cook Spaceman Spiff alive in a vat of boiling water (the bath).

The strip ends with Calvin next to the bath, and his mom saying : "Well? get in" with Calvin responding, "Don't you want to lean way, way over, and test how hot the water is?"

A smaller Zorg was once encountered by Spaceman Spiff in an early strip (with the Zorg being Principal Spittle).

The Zorg Despot

The Zorg Depot is a Zorg with tentacles, it is seen sitting on a throne, and asks Spaceman Spiff for a summary on the Lewis and Clark expedition to the Pacific Ocean.
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