Zorgs are an alien species in the Spaceman Spiff universe that are at least three different speicies, Humanoid, Insect, and King.

Alien- Zorg
A Humanoid Zorg was encountered by Spaceman Spiff in a strip at the end of the 1/13 through 1/18 1986 story arc. In it, the Humanoid Zorg was a counterpart of Principal Spittle which Spiff considered hostile. Here, the Humanoid Zorg appeared as a reptilian humanoid with two-pronged hands and glasses.

Alien- Giant Zorg
An Insect Zorg was encountered by Spaceman Spiff in a Sunday strip. In it, Spaceman Spiff is exploring Planet Bog (it is unknown if he crashed or landed of his own free will), when a terrible rumble informs him that an Insect Zorg is present. The Insect Zorg leaves him no chance of escape, and once captured, Spaceman Spiff is taken to the creature's cavernous lair to be cooked alive. The Insect Zorg was a swollen, insectlike mass with powerful legs, three eyes and a stiff, segmented tail.

Alien- Zorg Guard
Alien- Zorg Queen 1
Alien- Zorg Queen 2
The Zorg Gaurds were most prominently featured in a Sunday strip where Spiff had been taken prisoner to a Zorg dungeon. This strip evidences that Zorg Gaurds are a civilized race, ruled by a despotic monarch who resides in a fortress on Planet X-13. The Zorg leader (also known as King Zorg) showed contempt for humans, referring to Spiff as "earthling scum". A hung human skeleton was also seen in the dungeon, indicating furter rivalry with humans. This strip featured two kinds of Zorg. The Zorg guards appeared as bipedal humanoids twice Spiff's size with a stiff orange exoskeleton and red eyes. King Zorg was an insectlike humanoid with a shell-covered torso, tentacles for limbs and mantislike facial features.
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