'Zorg's are an alien species in the Spaceman Spiff universe that comes in different shapes and sizes.

A small Zorg was encountered by Spaceman Spiff in an early strip at the end of the 1/13 trough 1/18 1986 story arc. In it, the Zorg was a counterpart of Principal Spittle.

A giant Zorg was encountered by Spaceman Spiff in a Sunday strip. In it, Spaceman Spiff is exploring Planet Bog (it is unknown if he crashed or landed of his own free will), when a terrible rumble informs him that a Zorg is present. The Zorg leaves him no chance of escape, and once captured, Spaceman Spiff is taken to the creature's lair to be cooked alive.

The Zorg Despot

The Zorg Despot, or Queen of Zorgs, is a Zorg with tentacles that had Spiff held prisoner. It asks Spaceman Spiff for a summary on the Lewis and Clark expedition to the Pacific Ocean. It is shown to be a counterpart of Miss Wormwood, asking Calvin to do an assignment that he didn't study for.
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