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A smaller Zorg


A larger Zorg

A Zorg is a creature that comes in different shapes and sizes. A giant Zorg is encountered by Spaceman Spiff (Calvin) in a Sunday strip. In it, Spaceman Spiff is chased by a Zorg (Calvin's Mom) and when Spaceman Spiff is grabbed, he tried to use his blaster, only to find out that the blaster is useless. The Zorg then takes Spaceman Spiff to its cave (Calvin's bathroom) and tries to cook Spaceman Spiff alive in a vat of boiling water (the bath).

The strip ends with Calvin next to the bath, and his mom saying : "Well? get in" with Calvin responding, "Don't you want to lean way, way over, and test how hot the water is?"

A smaller Zorg was once encountered by Spaceman Spiff in an early strip (with the Zorg being Principal Spittle).

The Zorg Despot

The Zorg Despot is a Zorg with tentacles, it is seen sitting on a throne, and asks Spaceman Spiff for a summary on the Lewis and Clark expedition to the Pacific Ocean. It is shown to be Miss Wormwood, asking Calvin to do an assignment that he didn't read.