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Zoo edited

Calvin and Hobbes sit on a bench at the Zoo.

Calvin's local zoo contains quite a few different animals.

Calvin and his family went there once, where he got lost. He was separated by following a lady around who looked like his mother. Calvin learned his mistake after he asked the woman if he could feed the elephants, to which she replied, "I'm not your mom". After his parents discovered Hobbes alone, they began to worry. After wondering where Calvin was, Calvin's father guessed Calvin was at the Tiger Pit. Then he joked that maybe Calvin was in the Tiger Pit. Calvin was then seen asking the tigers if they had seen Hobbes. Calvin was found by his father and reunited with his family. As they left, Calvin told Hobbes that his fellow tigers were useless in helping him find him.

Prision Zoo

Calvin's mom later considered taking Calvin and Hobbes there another time, but Calvin decided not to after Hobbes compared the zoo to a prison.

When Calvin and his parents were looking in the monkey exhibit, there was a monkey doing something. It is unknown what the thing was, but it was obviously questionable as Calvin says, "Hey, Look at what that monkey's doing! Right in public!", then comments that it is "gross".

Known Exhibits[]

  • Monkey cage
  • Alligator pit
  • Tiger pit
  • Elephant habitat