Zogs are an alien species in the Spaceman Spiff universe. They live on Planet Zog, but may have colonies elsewhere. Three distinct kinds of zog are seen, all of them slightly larger than Spiff:

Zog guard. This zog is stout, misshapen and shaggy, with two lifeless eyes on the sides of its gaping mouth.
It has six limbs; four arms and one pair of legs. Its back a
ppears to be a shell, with short spines near the base of its neck.

Zog king. The ruler of the zogs, it had Spiff brought before it for interrogation. Rather unlike the zog guard, the king's eyes are on top of short stalks above its mouth. It has at least two tentacles protruding from its body, but it is unknown whether they stand in for arms, legs, or something else entirely. His real-life counterpart was Calvin's doctor.

Zog slavemaster. This zog stood in for Calvin's father. It had a single eye on
top of a stalk, and a row of spines traveling down the back of an insect-like shell. It was seen when Spiff was working on a zog slave gallery (possibly as punishment for refusing to submit to interrogation), and bore a whip.
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