The first appearance of Calvin's wagon.

Calvin's wagon is a small red wagon that often gets driven over conveniently placed cliffs in the woods behind Calvin's house and wrecked crashing into the rocks on the ground below. At one point, they (Calvin and Hobbes) crashed high in a tree where Calvin remarks that the view from up there is "spectacular." Hobbes always pushes, while Calvin steers. During a wagon ride, the two usually discuss topics about life, such as fate. They usually are talking about philosophical topics and the metaphors they used usually end up being intertwined with the conversation. Hobbes is usually listening.

It is one of their most important forms of transportation. The wagon was used to drive them to Mars once.

During the winter, Calvin and Hobbes use a sled and a toboggan, as the wagon cannot work in the snow.

It is also used as a "Time Machine".

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