• Diggersstory

    The Naked Truth

    February 19, 2014 by Diggersstory

    A small population still hide their thoughts, feeling and true self to the world. Not Calvin! Can you imagine what the authorities could do with Calvin's social media sites?

    Susie: "Our class voted Calvin's Selfiebook page the most likely to be seen on headline news some day."

    How would Calvin feel/thing about all those multitudes of exterior/interior cams/sats capturing our every move 24/7 walking, eating driving, shopping and taking a poop?

    Hobbes: "What are you doing? Calvin: "I'm always make ugly faces at the security cams. Hobbes: Really? Calvin: Yeah, they tick me off. I never signed one model release or received any money for my good looks!"

    Let's not forget how smart phones and TVs won' shut off and are being sat monitored and data …

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