The Calvin and Hobbes Wiki

Hello, welcome to the first edition of: A Newer User's Guide to Editing and Blogging.

Now for some of my opinions

On Pages

Calvin and Hobbes wiki is working towards making the pages the best and most reliable they can be. Yes? And this is a good thing, because this wiki is an encyclopedia.

  1. If you see a page like the Tuna page, with events listed neatly in the article, you shouldn't add a new section just to add a sentence to it. Instead, look for a place where your information fits well into the article.
  2. Avoid adding personal opinions to articles, such as "The Dreaded Susie Derkins". If Calvin didn't refer to her as that name in [the strip] you are talking about, I would say it qualifies as personal information. Ex. (Canon) Calvin: The dreaded Susie strikes again. So on a page you would put, "Calvin remarks, 'the dreaded Susie strikes again'." (please note this was an example, not a direct quote from a book)
  3. All editors here work towards a common goal. Badges are not everything. You should be working here to make the encyclopedia better. Sure, they're a fun way to compete with other users, but you shouldn't edit just to edit. It's about quality, not quantity.

On Blogs

Things I would never think to mark for deletion

  • a discussion about Calvin's feelings for Susie
  • a discussion about the first Calvin and Hobbes strip
  • a blog displaying a discussion about Calvin's relationship with Rosalyn.

Care to discuss?