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Well, now that I'm a bureaucrat, I figure I should discuss my history on Fandom. It's actually quite interesting...

I think this wiki was the first one I joined. I had just gotten The Complete Calvin and Hobbes as a gift and had read almost every strip. I saw the wiki and thought I would join. The first edit I ever made on the whole community of Wikia (now known as Fandom) was of the X-387 Robot Probe page, on New Years' Eve 2014. All I did was add the category "Cardboard Box alter egos." I was welcomed by Serpinium, who I never really saw actively edit.

For some time, all I did was add pages to categories and make the occaisonal normal edit. On January 2, 2016, I made my first page, Calvin in Fire Form. I created pages after that I was surprised weren't already on the wiki. Some of them were: Calvin in Slinky Form , Emergency Jetpack , Communicating Alien , and Calvin in Black-and-White Form

Then came my first large category: One-Time Characters. In ONE day, May 29, 2015, I added a majority of the pages to that category. It earned me the "Hyper" badge. Then I took a break until June 29, 2015. On June 27, Cult Of Skaro made me an admin on the site. I was so excited! I felt a sense of accomplishment surge through me when I got the email. I kept adding pages to the One-Time Characters for a while. The last edit I made in 2015 was to the Baseball page. After I sort of forgot about Wikia. This happened for mostly all the wikis I had edited.

The first edit in 2016 was uploading a picture for the Planet Calvin article. After lots of activity in March, it wasn't until July that I became active again. On October 4, 2016, Wikia was rebranded as Fandom (or officially, Fandom powered by Wikia). I hated it so badly! But now I'm more used to saying "Fandom" than "Wikia." Then I was made a bureaucrat by Willk1088, and here we are today. I hoped you enjoyed my history of Fandom.

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