About me

Hi, I came here to enjoy Calvin and Hobbes. This site is unlike other wikis out there and I'm here to help with a little brushing up on articles. I was previously on ed edd n eddy wiki but the people there were pretty much mean dolts so I came here to one of my top 10 favorite things of all time. I have read and memorized every Calvin and Hobbes strips and I even have fan made strips! Check them out at thanks! I finally got away from all those mean people and found myself in a more civilized place. I'm an administrator too (check in the admins list) and I patrol this site a LOT and have discovered many people deserving a ban and so have done it. Check out my site please and thanks as always!

Please visit more to come in Summer. It is almost exactly like the original one. I tried to make the drawings as percise as possible and the themes as exact as possible.

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