Styracosaurus Rider

aka Diplotomodon

  • I live in NJ
  • My occupation is telling people who might need me to please read this -
  • I am a shadow in the night
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Greetings. I am Styracosaurus Rider. The Calvin and Hobbes Wiki was the first wiki I ever came upon, about two months give or take after joining Wikipedia. In fact, my username is based on a Calvin and Hobbes strip (March 19, 1989, to be specific - Calvin's desk turns into a Styracosaurus and he rides it out of the window of his school classroom), which I created specifically for editing this wiki. That was because I was originally intending to only edit here.

Nearly two and a half years later, I've become admin or bureaucrat (sometimes both) on more than a dozen wikis, created my fair share of them, and edited on countless others. I hardly ever use this wiki anymore. Still, I'm not changing the username. It means a lot by now.

I guess my point is this wiki holds a heavy amount of nostalgia for me. Every now and then I check back in, although I've been editing less and less. That's why, while I have the time and I'm thinking of it, I just wanted to thank the people that are still in charge of the C&H wiki. It's nice to see it change and evolve over the years - I love the snow falling in the wiki background. Reminds me of that last Calvin and Hobbes strip.

So this is Styro, saluting you all. Styracosaurus Rider (Contact me) A mole of moles means what? 21:55, January 25, 2013 (UTC)

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