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Hey, I'm Drew1200! I'm a big fan of computers, LEGOs, computers, movie-making, computers, robotics, computers, and programming! Here's some of the wikis you can find me on:
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*Lego Message Boards Wiki - 5,300 edits
* Brickipedia - 750 edits
* Power Miners Fanon Wiki - 400 edits
* Google Wiki - 150 edits
* Kids Bible Wiki - 100 edits
* Tim Hawkins Wiki - 50 edits
* Community Central - 50 edits
<small>(As of 1/2/12)</small>

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Hey, I'm Drew1200! I mainly contribute to the LEGO Message Boards Wiki, Google Wiki, and Farming Simulator Wiki as an administrator, but I have also participated on many other wikis in the past. You can find a list of wikis that I have contributed to here.

Hobbes head.png This user owns every single C&H strip EVER including the "lost" one.
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