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Diggers is a boy in a monkey suit who spreads monkey Shine to everyone he meets and especially on the "Diggers Story WoP" (World of Peace) Show
Pootz is Diggers
control freakish - co-host - 1UPtight girl w/ poor FACE Image.2many masks to mention them all.

Did I mention these 2 are always fighting? Hard to believe they wanted to spend most of their time promoting peace.

Patters: Creator Artist Musician embodies the mayhem that spews forth the disFUNtional machinery that somehow seems to work out at the end of each show. Which is more than we can say for our world leaders.
World leaders.... WħERE'S ŦħE PEACE?
(◣_◢)Th€ ☆ SЦPЯΞMΞ ☆ MДSΓΞЯ$ R failing the masses so Critical Mass ☆(◣_◢) says to the leaders..... U₦ŦłŁ YØU ŦλҞE YØUƦ ₩aƦ$ Bλ₡Ҟ we keep YØUƦ pØWΞЯ!

"It'll build character!"
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