These are the things that I have made for this wiki in chronological order since I added this section to my userpage. On December 21, 2008 at 19:55 UTC, I moved it to this page. Feel free to suggest something in the talk page!

On this day

I made this little thing for the wiki (based on a similar thing from the SpongeBob Wiki); see how you like it!

On this day...

August 15:

  • Nothing known happened. Possibly "Template:Today for August 15" does not exist. If you would like to create it, click here.

If you want to add it to a page, then go here.

Alaska Userbox

I made a userbox for Alaskans! To specify extra text, just specify the parameter "extratext."

Wiki age

I made a template that should tell you the exact age of this wiki. Just add {{wiki age}} to the page and it will put down the age of the wiki with no padding zeros like this: (year) years, (month) months, and (day) days. i.e. "This wiki is {{wiki age}} old." makes "This wiki is 14 years, 10 months, and 19 days old."

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