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Americhino is an Administrator on the Calvin and Hobbes Wiki!


If you have any suggestions, comments or messages for this administrator, feel free to leave them a message and they'll get back to you as soon as they can.


I am taking a wikibreak; I will be inactive across most of the network. Please try contacting me elsewhere (i.e. Discord).

I am on hiatus on a wikibreak; I will be inactive across most of the network. I may pop in occasionally to edit a page or two or check on my wiki(s). You may still find me on:


  • Twitter (actually mostly inactive)
  • Discord (hyperion#8580)



Hi! I'm Americhino, an editor on Fandom since 2016. I am mostly inactive these days, but can be seen hanging around Dev Wiki and the Calvin and Hobbes Wiki. I am a native speaker of English who is also fluent in French and a member of the Language Brigade Wiki. Feel free to use my talk page if you'd like to talk!


Local Activity


Local Activity

I am taking a wikibreak and will be semi-active here. Thank you for your understanding.

Hey! I'm Americhino. I discovered Calvin and Hobbes when I was 8. They were popular reading in our third grade class at the time, and I haven't stopped reading (and re-reading) it ever since. I became an admin here back in August 2016 and a bureaucrat in September 2018. I also own my own bot.

I own The Complete Calvin and Hobbes.

en-N • fr-3 • zh-yue-1
  • en-N
  • fr-4
  • zh-1

Things to do

  • Finish adding infoboxes to character pages

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