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Throughout the publication history, two strips have gone unreprinted in part or in whole, and two others were altered.


The original strip for November 28, 1985, as it appeared in half of the newspapers

The alternate strip (corresponding article details significance in syndication) of November 28, 1985. The original was never reprinted, whether in the first printed collection, the first treasury or even The Complete Calvin and Hobbes; all of these feature the alternate strip instead.


The unpublished May 23 comic

The strip for May 23, 1987 was reprinted in The Essential Calvin and Hobbes and The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, but was missing in Something Under the Bed Is Drooling.

In the strip, Calvin drops a teabag into a glass full of ice cubes, hoping to make iced tea.

Alternate Format strip

The redrawn August 28 strip

The Alternate format strip was a strip from 1988/08/28. It was orignially printed horizontally in newspapers, but was redrawn vetically for the books. It was not reprinted in the original format until Calvin and Hobbes: Sunday Pages 1985-1995. The original version is included in The Complete Calvin and Hobbes.

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