• Hello! Do you spaek Russian? I'm maker russian wiki about "Calvin and Hobbes".

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    • Sorry, I don't speak any Russian.

      I don't recommend making another wiki. You will never find enough people to help. That's why I stopped editing this wiki.

      In Russia, the community must be even smaller and less people have Internet access so it would probably be even worse.

      Also, some jokes in Calvin and Hobbes may not translate correctly to Russian.

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    • Excuse me, but I have created a wiki for a long time, and it received the status of "bronze" for several months. If you are interested, you can look at it -

      Jokes about you do not worry. I do not translate the speech bubbles in google translator and use the official translation, so I can assure you that my wiki is as accurate as possible when translating names and replicas.

      I want to be happy to shake your hand, as his colleague.

      By the way, congratulations on your 5000th editing this wiki.

      Maybe my English is not very good, but very much like to talk with you.

      All the best.

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