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There's Treasure Everywhere
Theres Treasure Everywhere
First comic: August 30, 1993
Last comic: April 8, 1995
Sabbatical: Second
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There's Treasure Everywhere (ISBN 0836213122) is the tenth Calvin and Hobbes printed collection.


It was released in March 1996 by Andrews & McMeel and collects the comics published August 30, 1993 to April 2, 1994, (start of the second sabbatical) and January 1 to March 19, 1995, and April 3-8, 1995. As with all collections released after Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons, There's Treasure Everywhere's Sunday strips were printed in color. The daily strips in this collection are printed slightly larger than in The Complete Calvin and Hobbes hardcover collection.

The book is named after Calvin's line in a weekday comic where he goes digging in his backyard in order to find treasure. However, this strip is shown in It's a Magical World instead. The back shows Tyrannosaurus Rexes piloting F-15 fighter jets, which Calvin mentioned in another strip.

All of the non-strip art in this collection is included in The Complete Calvin and Hobbes hardcover.


The strip, stating "There's treasure everywhere!" that this book is named after