The Complete Calvin and Hobbes
The Complete Calvin and Hobbes
First comic: November 18, 1985
Last comic: December 31, 1995
Sabbatical: Both
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The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (ISBN 0740748475) is a Calvin and Hobbes printed collection. It was released on September 1, 2005 by Andrews & McMeel and includes all but one of the Calvin and Hobbes strips. The collection is divided into three large books: Book One covers strips released in the years 1985-1988. Book Two contains strips from 1988-1992, and Book Three contains the 1992-1995 strips. On November 13, 2012, the collection was released in paperback. The paperback edition contains four books, as opposed to the hardcover's three books.

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes includes an original 14-page preface by Bill Watterson as well as the original content from all previous books.


The hardcover edition of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes weighs approximately 23.7 pounds, which makes it difficult to carry for an average person. The paperback edition, however, weighs only 14.2 pounds.

A 2005 FoxTrot strip parodied the collection's weight; An outside view of the Foxes' house revealed that it was completely tilted on its side, with Peter inside, talking about his Calvin and Hobbes books.[1]


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