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Discord Chat Rules

Welcome to the Calvin and Hobbes Wiki Discord Chat Rules! You were most likely led here by Americhino in #info. Not a member of our Discord yet? Feel free to join using the widget to the right (desktop) or this link:


  • Do not spam.
  • Do not use foul language/profanity.
  • Do not abuse the @mention command for spam.
  • Do not threaten, harass, or otherwise bully users.

Administrators and Moderators

  • Follow the above rules.
  • Before kicking or banning, please have a discussion on the #staff channel to see if the others agree. Remember that the general users do not have access to this channel.
  • Kicking or banning should be taken seriously; with kicking, they cannot rejoin until someone invites them again, with banning, they cannot rejoin until someone removes the ban.
  • If a bot is malfunctioning, kick it, but DO NOT ban it.


  • Bureaucrats: Bureaucrats on the wiki.
  • Server Mods: Moderators on the server. They do not hold a staff position on the wiki.
  • Members: Members of the server.
  • Bots: Automated programs.

Apply for Discord Moderator

Would you like to become a Discord moderator? Please go to Apply for Staff to submit an application. Alternatively, contact Hyperion#3376 (Americhino on Discord) to apply.

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