Speedy Deletion

An article or category will be deleted without wait for any of the following reasons:

  • Article contains no information.
  • Article contains only nonsense.
  • Article is a misspelling of another article (For alternate spellings or numbers, such as clone and clones, redirect pages may be appropriate, but pure misspellings or inaccurate titles, Clavin or Hobes, for instance, will be deleted).
  • Article is unrelated to Calvin and Hobbes.
  • Article is a user's personal page, and that user requests its deletion.
  • Article is a Talk page and its corresponding article has been deleted.
  • Category could not be properly moved when the title was changed.

To flag a page for speedy deletion, please use the {{delete|reason}} template. This will make an article appear in the Candidates for Speedy Deletion Category.

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