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June 1:

  • 1986: Calvin's mother prepares what she claims are Monkey Heads for Dinner
  • 1987: Calvin claims the reason why he didn't do his Homework was because his parents did not pay the Gravity bill.
  • 1988: Calvin demands Hobbes not to tell him about the ending of the latest Captain Napalm comic while he has a bee on his back.
  • 1989: After the Car gets into a ravine, Calvin and Hobbes finish packing and make a run for it.
  • 1990: Calvin brags about his burping skills.
  • 1991: Calvin gets lost in the woods, but fortunately is prepared with essential survival equipment.
  • 1992: 6:30 Hobbes and 8:30 Hobbes start writing a story for Calvin's homework assignment.
  • 1993: Calvin is dissapointed to discover Miss Wormwood doesn't like "big picture people."
  • 1994: Calvin decides on a name for G.R.O.S.S.
  • 1995: Calvin and Hobbes speculate about life's near infinite possibilities while waiting for the school bus.

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