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Coloring to the text (instead of using span style)


Follow this syntax {{color|text need colored|name of your color}}


{{color|Izzy in deeppink|deeppink}} will be

Izzy in deeppink

If you don't choose your color name, default will be orange (the default color of this wiki)
{{color|Izzy in deeppink}} will be

Izzy in deeppink


Colors can also be specified with the RGB code. For example, yellow is defined as #FFFF00. Refer to the color help page to see a list of color names.

{{color|Izzy in deeppink|#FFFF00}} will be

Izzy in deeppink

Color text should be used only for instructional pages such as this one and for situations where it is necessary to separate things that could otherwise be confusing (example: song lyrics where two different lines are sung at the same time). Orange, red, and lighter shades of blue should not be used if at all possible since those are used for links.