Calvin asks a bad question... and loses TV privileges.

Watching television is among Calvin's favorite pastimes. His parents often criticize him for this, and Calvin's television privileges are occasionally revoked.

Calvin's exact television schedule is unknown, however, we do know that it is the first thing he does on Saturday morning, and that he watches it after finishing his homework. He does not appear to watch it on school mornings.

It is often used as a point of contention between Calvin and his dad. Calvin seems to be able to spend any amount of time, at any time of the day watching television, but his dad thinks that Calvin's time would be better spent outside, saying it "builds character". It is also used occasionally as a link to 6-year-old influences, such as murders and violent scenes. Calvin seems to greatly enjoy television, which led to some fights in past strips. He watches it every day when he gets home from school as well. It was stolen when the robbers broke in to Calvin's house. However, the TV is seen after the break-in, so they either got it back or bought a new one. Either way, it was in the following strips. One time Calvin and Hobbes lost TV for a week, and, at one point, Calvin's father stated "that he was tired of arguing with Calvin, and for all he cared, Calvin could watch TV until his brains oozed out of his ears," and Calvin stated to Hobbes that it was a hard fought battle.

In some strips Calvin pleads his father that they should get cable TV or at least a VCR. His mother often agrees with Calvin. Specifically in one strip where they come home from a matinee at the movie theater and his mother threatens her husband saying, "WE...ARE...BUYING...A VIDEO PLAYER!"

Calvin is not pleased about losing TV privileges.

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