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A story arc that lasted from February 22nd to March 6th of 1993. In it, Calvin and his classmates have a big history test coming up -- while they're at their lockers on the day of the test, Susie Derkins notices Calvin carrying a paper bag with him and, after questioning him on it, he claims that the bag contains something that will (hopefully) help him on the test. After he convinces Miss Wormwood to let him get a drink of water from the bubbler, Calvin goes to his locker and pulls out the contents of the paper bag, which turn out to be his Stupendous Man-costume. Apparently, Calvin thinks that Stupendous Man's "intelligence" and concentration will be able to help him pass his history test. But he ends up getting stuck inside of his locker, unable to get out on his own.

When Miss Wormwood wonders where Calvin could be after he's been gone for longer than he should be, Susie raises her hand and says, "I'll bet he's at his locker, Miss Wormwood. He brought something secret in a paper bag that he said would help him on the test." After hearing this, Miss Wormwood goes to Calvin's locker, finally getting him out -- after seeing him in his superhero costume, Miss Wormwood clearly doesn't fall for it. Calvin runs back to the classroom before Miss Wormwood has a chance to catch him. Calvin (as Stupendous Man) comes back into the classroom to do the test, but Calvin's classmates clearly don't buy his disguise -- Calvin fills out the test in a hurry and leaves to change out of his costume.

Calvin gets into a lot of trouble for what happened, to the point of where the school called his parents and his mom ends up taking away his Stupendous Man-costume -- and on kind of a lesser note, he ultimately flunked his history test. Hobbes outright questions Calvin if Stupendous Man has ever actually won a battle, and Calvin admits that the only "victories" Stupendous Man has ever gotten are "moral victories" (as Calvin describes it).