The Spaceman Spiff Universe is the conjectural name of the universe that features Spaceman Spiff. It probably takes place in a universe similar to ours, as Spaceman Spiff is often mentioned to be an earthling. There are many aliens in Spaceman Spiff, with 20 confirmed species and many more whose species is not known. Space travel is possible in this universe, as evidenced by Spaceman Spiff's spaceship and the Zok Death Sloop.

There is a 5th Dimension in this universe. The only thing we know about it is that, in this dimension, "Time has no meaning". The only known way to get to this dimension is by the use of Hyper-jets, which one model is equipped on Spiffs Spaceship.

The main unit of measurement appears to be derived from the Zork.

Alien Species


  • Anhooie-4
  • Gorzarg-5
  • Mordo
  • Mysterio System Planet 5
  • Mysterio System Planet 6
  • Planet closest to Star X-351
  • Planet Bog
  • Planet Gloob
  • Planet Gork
  • Planet Mok
  • Planet Plootarg
  • Planet Q-13
  • Planet Q-B
  • Planet Quorg
  • Planet X-13
  • Planet Z-12
  • Planet Zark
  • Planet ZK-5
  • Planet Zog
  • Planet Zok
  • Planet Zokk
  • Planet Zorg
  • Zartok-3
  • Zartron-9
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