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This article is a list of the weapons used by Calvin in his Spaceman Spiff daydreams.

Death Ray Blaster[]

The Death Ray Blaster was a major weapon of Spaceman Spiff's. He frequently used it on his travels to fight aliens, though for whatever reason it never actually killed them.

He also used a flare.


The Demise-o-Bomb was featured only once in Spaceman Spiff: Interplanetary Explorer Extraordinaire!. The Demise-o-Bomb was supposed to have killed the Naggon, but it only stunned it. The Demise-o-Bomb was analogous to Calvin throwing a blue water balloon at his mother.

Atomic Napalm Neutralizer[]

The Atomic Napalm Neutralizer was a weapon of Spaceman Spiff. He used it when facing of against a Graknil.