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In the wintertime, Calvin and Hobbes go down a nearby hill on their sled. This is used instead of the wagon, although the scenarios used by both are generally similar, as are the results: almost always catastrophic. The sled, as is the wagon, is predominantly used in two different scenarios: profound philosophical discussions or a death defying plunge; often these two are put together. Sometimes, the toboggan is randomly used in place of the sled. The sled is more steerable, rather than the toboggan. However, Calvin just lets the sled, like the wagon and tobaggan, go where it goes.

Named hills[]

Most of time Calvin announces the name of the hill they are going to ride down. This is usually on winter when they are just going to crash into something rather than having a philosophical moment first.

  • Dismemberment Gorge
  • Doom Drop
  • Lookout Hill
  • Mount Maim
  • Mount Vertigo
  • Pallbearer's Peak
  • Rigor Mortis Ridge
  • Suicide Slope


The toboggan was in the very last Calvin and Hobbes comic, where Calvin and Hobbes take the toboggan out after a heavy snow and "go exploring", closing the comic strip.