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The School Alter Egos were a series of alter egos created by Calvin which showed how he felt at school. They generally portrayed Calvin as a member of a crowd, brainwashed and without individuality.

Calvin in Feedlot Form[]

Feedlot Calvin

Calvin in Feedlot Form is Calvin running alongside cows in a feedlot pen.

This alter ego shows that Calvin sees himself as just another member of a herd at school.

Calvin in Assembly Line Form[]

Assembly Line Calvin

Calvin in Assembly Line Form portrays Calvin sitting motionless on a conveyor belt as a claw removed the top of his head and a tube poured green goo inside as though he were a jar.

This alter ego shows that Calvin sees school as some form of brainwashing, stuffing his mind with things he doesn't want.

Calvin in Hamster Form[]

Hamster Wheel Calvin

Calvin in Hamster Form was identical to Calvin in appearance, but acted as a hamster, relentlessly running on an exercise wheel.

This alter ego shows that Calvin thinks he gets very little from his "hard work" at school.

Calvin as a Convict[]

Convict Calvin

Calvin in Convict Form was depicted as a stereotypical "Old West" convict, with a striped uniform, ball-and-chain restraints and leg irons, painfully laying down a railroad.

This alter ego shows that Calvin perceives school akin to painful forced labor.

Calvin in Wind-Up Form[]

Wind-up Calvin

Calvin in Wind-Up Form shows a clockwork-powered robot made to look like Calvin, which presumably repeated the same movements over and over until its spring failed.

The alter ego shows that Calvin finds schoolwork robotic and repetitive.

Calvin in Parrot Form[]

Parrot Calvin

Calvin in Parrot Form shows Calvin as a squawking parrot with Calvin's clothes, hair, hands and humanoid eyes, sitting on a bird perch.

It shows that Calvin feels he is meant merely to repeat what the teacher says rather than state his own ideas.

Calvin in Zombie Form[]

Zombie Calvin 2

Calvin in Zombie Form portrays a blue-skinned, stitched-up, zombified version of Calvin escaping from a grave at night.

It shows that Calvin feels dead at the end of the school day (or that he considers school to be mind-numbing).

Calvin in Block Form[]

Block Calvin

Calvin in Block Form shows Calvin as a square shaped block in a peg-and-hole game, being forcibly crammed by a hammer into the right slot. The block had all of Calvin's features, but had flattened them out to fit on the faces, except for the overlapping hair.

It shows that Calvin feels he is being forced to fit in with the rest of the crowd.

Calvin in Fish Form[]

Fish Calvin

Calvin in Fish Form shows Calvin as an oversized green fish with Calvin's hair flopping about, trying to reach water from land.

It shows that Calvin feels stifled by school, as though he were unable to breathe (or that he is desperate to return home).