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Calvin's sandbox has been the center of many of Calvin's imagined stories. Calvin tends to build miniature cities with in his sandbox, only to destroy them once they are built. It is theorised that the sandbox belongs to a park. He uses it as a planet for his adventures One time he used it to make a city under the Hoover Dam. He also imagined he was very big and he crushed his toy cars. He also used it to make a city with toxic wastes buried underneath it. In one strip, he was Spaceman Spiff and he imagined he was in danger. An alien walks to him (it was his Mom giving him lunch of a sandwich and lemonade) and he ends his imagination to eat lunch at the sandbox. Once he made Tokyo and destroyed it and then Calvin says, "Godzilla! He once used it to pretend the sand was quicksand and yelled to Susie to help him because he was sinking in quicksand. Once, he was playing in it and Hobbes pounced him.
Calvin's Sandbox.

Calvin playing in his sandbox

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