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The beanie

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Calvin wearing the beanie


What Calvin imagined his propeller beanie would be like

The Propeller Beanie is only seen in a story arc. Calvin eats his favorite cereal, Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs then realizes that on the back of the box you can order a propeller beanie, But he has to send a "Proof of purchase seals" first. So Calvin tries to eat as much cereal as he can to earn the beanie. He makes Hobbes help him eat, but Hobbes does not like the cereal.

Then he tries to make his dad help him. His dad's reply to that is "No thanks. I'm trying to reach middle age.". Then Calvin asks his mom to help him earn it, she says "You want the beanie, you eat the cereal, Calvin.". So he ate by himself, and he got enough proof of purchase seals to buy the beanie, but it all goes down. Hobbes said "Not for over a month. It says to allow six weeks for delivery". Calvin was very surprised to hear it, and then he waited six weeks for delivery.

It finally came in the mail, and Calvin was very excited. Calvin thought it was very hard to put it together, so Hobbes said "Here, let me try.", and Calvin said "No! Get away! I'll do it! You'd probably goof it all up, or..." and just then, the piece broke. Calvin got very angry at Hobbes, saying that it was all his fault. Hobbes said "I did not! I was just sitting here! You broke it all by yourself!" Then Calvin got very sad and said "But considering my life's in shambles right now, couldn't you at least take the blame?"

So Calvin went to his dad and asked if he could fix the piece. He did with Calvin and his Mom being very surprised saying "You did it! You fixed it! I can't believe it! HEY MOM! Dad fixed something!" "He did?? Your Dad??" Calvin was very happy. He went to try it on and was very disappointed because it didn't work the way he wanted it to. He wanted to fly up in the air, but it didn't. So he kicked it away. But then he grab the box that the beanie was in and then Calvin and Hobbes had some fun with the box.