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Principal Spittle
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First appearance: November 29, 1985
Last appearance: September 19, 1995
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Principal Spittle is a supporting character in Calvin and Hobbes. He is the principal at Calvin's School.


His office is located at the end of a large hallway, just a few steps down from Calvin's locker. He has had a low profile in the strip's run.

Principal Spittle is seen as a middle-aged man who always wears a suit, is balding, and wears glasses. He may not fully enjoy his job as hinted in one strip where Calvin and Susie both yelled, "PLEASE DON'T PADDLE US!", while a thought bubble showed him thinking "I hate this job". Moreover, his expression is one of constant boredom in the face of Calvin's antics as Miss Wormwood often sends him to the principal's office.


  • Calvin imagined Principal Spittle as a Zorg in a Spaceman Spiff fantasy.
  • Principal Spittle debuted in the same strip as Spaceman Spiff.
  • Susie believes the hall to the his office was made very big on purpose.
    • In the same arc, it's revealed that Principal Spittle has "quite a file" on Calvin, indicating that Calvin has a tendency to get in trouble at school.
  • His name has only been mentioned in one story line, and twice, and both times were by Susie Derkins.