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Principal Spittle
Principal Spittle
First appearance: November 29, 1985
Last appearance: September 19, 1995
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Principal Spittle is the principal at Calvin's School. His office is located at the end of the main hallway, just a few steps down from Calvin's locker. He's had a low profile in the strip's run.

Principal Spittle is seen as a middle-aged man who always wears a suit, has balding hair, and wears glasses. He may not fully enjoy his job as hinted in one strip where Calvin and Susie both yelled, "PLEASE DON'T PADDLE US!" while a thought bubble showed him thinking " I hate this job". Moreover, his expression is one of constant boredom in the face of Calvin's antics as Miss Wormwood often sends him to the principal's office.


  • Calvin made out Principal Spittle as a Zorg in a Spaceman Spiff fantasy.
  • Principal Spittle debuted in the same strip as Spaceman Spiff.
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