Hobbes regularly pounces on Calvin and beats him up, most of the time when Calvin opens the door after coming home from school and yelling "I'M HOME!", but sometimes Hobbes beats up Calvin when he's going to his room or the closet, or even when he's walking around the corner of his house.. Calvin has tried many methods to avoid being beaten, including having Susie open the door, waiting on his mom to open the door, and to climb in through a window. Most of these ideas fail, but some work, giving Calvin the chance of getting revenge by scaring Hobbes from behind.
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The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin gets pounced on the cover of The Essential Calvin and Hobbes.

Among the methods that Calvin has employed in order to avoid Hobbes' pounce are as follows:

  • Making fake versions of himself and having Hobbes pounce on them. Calvin has done this three times, and one of these attempts succeeded; the first time, Hobbes took the fake Calvin into the house (locking the door so Calvin couldn't get in) and pretending to be allowed to draw on Calvin's comic books (Calvin remarked "I'll get him for this even if it takes my whole life"), and the second time, Hobbes asked Calvin if he made the second decoy (which he replied yes to), and after Hobbes closed the front door, Calvin threw the decoy aside and opened the door himself, which resulted in him being pounced on normally. The third time, Calvin made a fake Calvin with the head as an empty lunch bag, this one succeeded, Hobbes pounced on the decoy.
  • Diving for the ground just as Hobbes tries to pounce him.
  • Waiting till Hobbes falls asleep (fail)
  • Shouting "I'M HOOOME!" in the bushes so Hobbes pounces on nothing.
  • Sneaking in through the back door.
  • Having Susie open the door (fail)
  • Shouting "I'M HOOME!" before opening the door so that Hobbes crashes into the door. On this occasion he said to Hobbes "You'll notice I didn't say I was inside".
  • Shouting "I'M HOOME!" after getting inside so Hobbes is trapped outside. He has done this twice. Both failed. Once, he accidentally locked his mom outside, the other time Hobbes turns around and pounces again, thinking "Elapsed turnaround time: 0.8 seconds."

"It'll build character!"
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