Nebular is a minor supporting metafictional character in Calvin and Hobbes. He appeared in two story arcs (10/2 through 10/21 and 12/19 throgh 12/23 1995).


10/2 through 12/19

Nebular is one half of a pair of aliens, the other half being Galaxoid, that landed in Calvin's backyard. At the time, Calvin was collecting leaves for a homework assignment at the last minute.



He is a short alien, about the same height as Calvin. He has one large eye, and at least four tentacles at the bottom. His spacesuit consists of a short robe with a ringed collar and a "wizard-style" cap, both with a crescent moon on the front.


Galaxoid and Nebular claimed that at light speed, their ship could "just make it" to a short stop on their planet and back to Earth within an afternoon. Although their estimate proved somewhat liberal, the fact remains that their planet must have been only a few light-hours away.


  • According to Susie, the leaves from the aliens' planet looked like weirdly cut maple leaves.
  • Galaxoid was not referred to by name until Calvin exclaimed in shock at their second appearance, although Nebular referred to himself by name in the duo's first appearance.
  • Galaxoid and Nebular claim the reason they want the Earth is "prime real estate".
  • Similar to Moe, the duo speak in an unusual font— squarish, computer-like letters.
  • Nebular referred to Earth as 'a good fixer upper.'
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