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  • Hello there!

    I found your Accessible Calvin page very interesting; however, it is best to put that kind of content under your user blog instead of an article. We would like to keep our articles in the format of an online encyclopedia. I have deleted the page, but the content is pasted below, which you can paste into a new blog. 

    Click expand to see the original article's content.

    During my current studies, I created accessible cartoon strips of my own. Feedback included making Calvin and Hobbes accessible to people who have become blind and who remember their enjoyment. 50 of 50 websites analysed feature cartoons that are inaccessible to people who are blind. What do you think? Visit my [ inclusive Calvin and Hobbes page] and have a try at toggling and then reading the captions to a friend before they see the cartoon. What's the result?? Do they 'get it' without the pictures?? :)

    Bureaucrat, Calvin and Hobbes Wiki

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    • Thanks for your feedback and generous advice. I agree fully. 

      Kind Regards,


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  • Hi, Learningtoo, and welcome to The Calvin and Hobbes Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Accessible Calvin page. This wiki is all about Calvin and Hobbes.

    Please make sure to create good friendly edits, and remain a friendly, positive user.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything! On this thread, or my wall.

    Have fun editing!

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