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Welcome to my Message Wall!

Welcome to my message wall! Contact me below if you want anything or just want to talk. I am an administrator and bureaucrat here and will be happy to deal with any problems you may have. I am always here to help you out!

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  • Hi, could you possibly move Calvin's Mother to Calvin's mother? At the moment there's a bizarre redirect chain, starting on the main page: Calvin's mother -> Heather McLean -> Calvin's Father -> Calvin's Mother. I'm redirecting Calvin's Father to a small f, because that makes more sense to me (Father isn't a title or a name) and because it's what's used on the main page, but I can't change Calvin's Mother because only admins can overwrite page histories and there's been some funky page-moving recently.


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  • Hanukkah 68 just replaced an image as a form of vandalism. If it's the same guy we've been dealing with lately, we should probably ban the IP address.

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  • Supernannyfan2005 needs to be banned, they've been causing trouble lately.

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  • Hi

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  • I just came here to get some info on well.. a lot of stuff. Thee is somebody that replaced a bunch of images on significant pages. I don't have the time to look into it, so please fix it and ban the user.

    On hobbes and calvinball for example.

    Edit: user:Scary l4d1 horror monster

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  • This user is trying to get admin on my wiki, but I think I need referrals from at least two experienced admins to make sure he doesn't get admin for a long time.


    Because I know he doesn't have enough experience or integrity on the wiki to get admin, yet he's still rioting and arguing for admin, and the battle is still going strong.

    • He has only been on the wiki for 2 months.
    • He hasn't created any fun competitions for the userbase.
    • He doesn't have a unique trait of talent.
    • He isn't even a permanent Content Moderator as of right now.
    • He constantly gets into arguments.

    What the other admins did to get admin

    • They have all been on the wiki for at least 7 months.
    • They have all created fun competitions for the userbase.
    • They all have unique attributes. One admin fiddles with the wiki interface, another admin created a huge competition that involved the entire community, and another admin contributed with quality edits a lot.
    • They all got admin after getting moderator.

    Do you think this user should be admin? Thank you for your opinion!

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  • Happy belated birthday man!! I hope you had a good day and hope you have a great year :))))

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  • Warning
    Please do not violate our policies anymore. Please review the Calvin and Hobbes Wiki Guidelines.
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  • 46628317-D96A-4751-93C1-1A7E6FAB2EED
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  • Good day to you, ElectricSupernova,

    To introduce myself, I am an administrator on the Garfield wiki, along with two others, namely TeeJay87 and Low Spark of Lyman. As of late, we've been thinking of building an alliance with you, hopefully alongside the Peanuts wiki (provided they accept). It shall be a union between wikis concerning comics strips. If you'd like, we can negotiate further conditions, and ultimately build up the union. We hope you will accept our offer.

    Best wishes, Cooljoe01.

    Cooljoe01 (Talk) (24 Jan 2019 11:14 PM SAST) 21:14, January 24, 2019 (UTC)

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    • I've created a new server now. Just tell me when you'd like the link to it.

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    • Nice, whenever. You can find me at Americhino#4469.

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