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  • As you may know, several of the Sunday strips from Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons are missing in color except for in The Complete Calvin and Hobbes. As you own this, could you scan the sunday strips from July 1, 1990 to April 7, 1991 and add them to User:Wiki Library?

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    • Email them to and

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    • I had that problem once with Wikia. I think it was my browser settings that had changed, or that the pop-up was being blocked. It worked when I switched browsers.

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  • I see from your tower that you own the Complete.

    I myself don't, and I'm just a dozen strips short of my plan for a complete database of strips. I would be very thankful if you could describe the individual strips for the following dates, in such a manner as to make them identifiable (no need to go into details):

    April 17 through 22,

    and May 15 through 20, both 1995.

    It would be a great service to the wiki. Thank you, that will be all.

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    • Yeah, no problem.

      April 17- Calvin is taking a bath with a lot of stuff and his mother says, "Let's draw the line at the umbrella."

      April 18- Calvin and Hobbes are walking through and wind storm and Calvin is describing how annoying it is and Hobbes asked why grip over it if he can't change it.

      April 19 and 20- Calvin receives a letter from his past self to his present self.

      April 21- Calvin tells his mom he has all sorts of sicknesses like a sore throat and ear ache and that he should stay home, but his mother suggests calling the doctor and Calvin says he feels all right.

      April 22- Calvin and Hobbes are looking at the sky and Calvin thinks there should be some red and grabs a kite to fill it in.

      May 15- Calvin blows a giant bubble that pops, and Calvin says he hoped for a huge explosion.

      May 16- Calvin blows another bubble that blows air at him and pops.

      May 17- Calvin tries to hit a baseball but the ball starts eating his bat and hides up in a tree.

      May 18- Calvin tosses a ball up and tries to ctach it, but the ball starts eating his glove and asks his Dad for two of them.

      May 19- Calvin tries to touch the ball with his bat but the ball starts eating it. Calvin's Dad grouches about Calvin leaving his stuff in the yard.

      May 20- Calvin's Dad asks why Calvin has been throwing rocks at his bat, but Calvin explained it was the ball, but is sent to his room.

      Ask me if you need anything else. Glad to contribute!

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    • That clears it up, thanks a lot!

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