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A story arc that took place from January 25th to February 4th of 1988.

In this arc, Calvin and the rest of the his classmates are paired off into teams of two and are given a subject by Miss Wormwood to do a report on -- Calvin ends up being paired up with Susie Derkins, and they're assigned to do a report on the planet of Mercury. While it's unknown what the theme was, since Calvin and Susie's report was supposed to be on the planet of Mercury, it's possible that they and their rest of their classmates were supposed to do reports on certain aspects of the solar system.

Calvin and Susie Derkins were not happy about being forced to work together; they and their classmates have a week to work on their reports, but while Susie does her fair share of the work, Calvin does nothing but goof off. In one instance, he is seen drawing martians.

When school gets out on Friday, Susie tells Calvin that he better do his fair share of the work over the weekend, since they have to give their report on Monday -- of course, Calvin just spends the weekend goofing around and playing outside instead of working his fair share of his and Susie's report.

Come Monday morning, Calvin still hasn't done any work for his and Susie's project -- when Susie comes up to him to ask if he did his fair share of the work, Calvin lies by claiming he did and figures that his half of the work will make Susie's half look pathetic. Calvin's only actual contributions to the project are the title for his half ("The Planet Mercury: An Exhaustively Researched Report by Calvin") and this quote: "The planet Mercury was named after a Roman god with winged feet. Mercury was the god of flowers and bouquets, which is why today he is a registered trademark of FTD florists. Why they named a planet after this guy, I can't imagine.... [Calvin notices an angry Susie about to attack him] Um, back to you, Susie."

Since it's obvious that Calvin didn't do anything for the project, he and Susie ultimately fail (or their grade just gets dragged down).

When Calvin is home, he is recounting the events with Hobbes. Calvin expresses surprise that Susie's anger is a side of her he has never seen before. She accused him of doing no work and claims he falsified his oral report. When Hobbes demands to know if Calvin gave an intentionally false report, Calvin claims he took "a few creative liberties". Hobbes then wonders why Calvin's mother was notified about this by the teacher, suggesting that this escalated to a disciplinary issue and Calvin was charged with academic dishonesty.