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Wormwoodmainpagepic.png|[[Miss Wormwood]]|link=Miss Wormwood
Wormwoodmainpagepic.png|[[Miss Wormwood]]|link=Miss Wormwood
<center>[[:Category:Characters|<span class="wds-button wds-is-secondary" style="color:white; border-color:white;">Read more</span>]]</center>
<center>[[:Category:Characters|<span class="wds-button wds-is-secondary" style="color:black; border-color:white;">Read more</span>]]</center>

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Welcome to the Wiki!

Welcome to The Calvin and Hobbes Wiki, a database on the comic strip of the same name that anyone can edit.

On this wiki, started on 27 September, 2005, we are currently working on 506 articles and have 33,350 edits so far.

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1. Tense Project

Should this wiki use past tense more often? You can voice your opinion! Read more...

2. New Navbar!

A new navbar has come onto the wiki. Listing staff and characters. If you have any questions regarding the navbar, please contact ElectricSupernova.

3. Upcoming Badges

New achievements are on their way! ElectricSupernova is working to get them in order in addition to the badges created by Cult Of Skaro.

4. Wiki Redesign

The wiki has been redesigned to accommodate FANDOM's new header! Both the wiki and the home page have been redesigned. Please contact Americhino to get more information.

5. Staff

We're always looking for users to help us expand the wiki and make it a better place! If you see yourself as a staff member, you can head over to Apply for Staff to find out more!


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