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Lookout Hill is a hill in Calvin and Hobbes. It was mentioned in a single Sunday strip. Calvin named it "Lookout Hill" because he yelled "Look out!" when he went down it, though Hobbes thought he named it because of its great view.

Appearance and Role[]



the strip mentioning Lookout Hill

Lookout Hill appears as a hill with lots of trees, shrubs, rocks, grass, and a few flowers in the first panel in a bush.


Calvin and Hobbes used Lookout Hill to ride their wagon down it. In the third panel, notice how there is a dirt path. It is unknown whether or not the path is natural or man-made. It appears that Lookout Hill has a cliff at one spot, which suggests it is high up. In the last panel, Calvin and Hobbes fall off the cliff. It is unknown if they landed safely. Lookout Hill was never mentioned again.



  • It could be the same hill where Calvin uses his wagon, although there's no proof of this.