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"Itchy Island, Home of the Nuclear Mosquitoes" or, Desolate Rock at the End of the Earth, is Calvin's nickname for his family's usual camping spot, which is never given an official name. He named it such due to the numerous bug bites he sustained there along with his parents. The island is located at a resort several hours of driving outside of Calvin's state, and the family always travels there by car.

Appearance and Characteristics[]

"Itchy Island" is not unlike the woods in its appearance. Calvin described it as a "rock", indicating that its terrain is rocky and not earthen.

When the family goes to "Itchy Island", they appear to have exclusive access to it, as no other campers or facilities are ever seen. However, Calvin mentions that the canoe they use is rented and that the car is parked at the marina, indicating that the island is one of many camping locations in the area, and that the resort managing the campsites offers parking and canoe rental.

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