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A book.
{{book box | pic=Its A Magical World.png | first=March 20, 1995 | last=December 31, 1995 | sabb=None}}
'''It's A Magical World''' is a [[Books|book]] released in 1996 by [[Andrews & McMeel]]. It includes comics from [[March 20]], [[1995]] to the last strip on [[December 31]], [[1995]]. Some strips from April are in There's Treasure Everywhere<ref>[[Books|Calvin and Hobbes Wiki: Books]]</ref>.
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It's a Magical World
Its A Magical World
First comic: March 20, 1995
Last comic: December 31, 1995
Sabbatical: None
Other books

It's A Magical World is a book released in 1996 by Andrews & McMeel. It includes comics from March 20, 1995 to the last strip on December 31, 1995. Some strips from April are in There's Treasure Everywhere[1].

  1. ^ Calvin and Hobbes Wiki: Books

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