Calvin recalls that he completely forgot about the insect collection.

The insect collection was a school project that Calvin completely forgot about, due to the fact that he didn't pay attention in class. It was all part of a story arc.

It was at the end of the month, when Calvin was in a rather bad mood after his mom got him out of bed to go to school. Discontent with the way things were, Calvin grumbled sourly, wishing he were dead -- or rather that everyone else was dead. Susie asked him what he was so upset about. It was then that he remembered about the collection. In a frenzied panic, he desperately tried to find fifty insects before the class started, but all he managed to find was:

  • one drowned worm,
  • a fuzzy piece of lint that looked like a bug,
  • a live ant,
  • and a smashed fly.

He didn't have a box or pins to put them in, so he tried to tape them to some notebook paper. He also attempted to have Susie think up scientific names, but Miss Wormwood thought she was having conversations in class, which ended up with Susie getting moved to another desk. Then Calvin began passing notes to Susie, and Miss Wormwood blamed her for everything. Susie was sent to Mr. Spittle's office, which relieved Calvin momentarily. But then he began to suspect that Susie would tell on him, and it turned out that she really did. She was relieved that Mr. Spittle believes her (she was afraid he wouldn't), since he has quite a file on Calvin. Susie then got back to class and told Miss Wormwood the whole story, resulting in Calvin calling Susie a snitch and Miss Wormwood to call Calvin to her desk.


The outcome.

In the end, Calvin's last-minute project got a D--, or so, Calvin said (meaning that he really got a D- or an F). Then he got in trouble for passing the blame to Susie when he wanted her to help him fudge the the project. His mom and dad got wind of this as well, which ended up with him getting "in hot water" two more times. Hobbes believed this experience would make him finish his book report on time -- something else Calvin completely forgot about.

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