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The Future House was a fantasy of Calvin's featured in a single Sunday strip. It was a futuristic version of Calvin's house with futurist staples such as robot servants and jet packs.



The Future House was shaped like a stout cylinder topped with an inverted platter. An antenna stuck out of the roof's peak. The first floor contained the kitchen and what must have been the living room. The second floor contained Calvin's room and presumably the parents' quarters as well. The floors communicated using several one-man "turbo chutes" (at least four). On the second floor, a common room of some kind was used to get Calvin ready for school using a multi-function machine, the "Boy-o-Matic".


Throughout the house, at least seven robot servants were responsible for getting Calvin ready in the morning. These household robots were seen working on the Boy-o-Matic machine and communicating in order to run the house.

Other Future House[]

Future House 2

In another Sunday strip, Calvin's house was an orbiting space station. To access it, Calvin would disengage a hologram of a tree, revealing a rocket-powered cabin which led to an underground complex. From there, a personal spacecraft shot out of a volcano toward the orbital home.