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A story arc that took place from March 7th to March 19th of 1994.

The arc starts off with Calvin having a nightmare in which his math homework bursts into flames, his teacher turns out to be an alien that pours gasoline on him, then bursts into flames himself, ultimately falling down an abyss and dying.

Calvin then wakes up, initially relieved that it was just a dream -- but then he freaks out upon realizing that he forgot to do his math homework. Calvin wakes up Hobbes and then tries to do his homework, even though it's two o'clock in the morning. But while doing his homework, Calvin notices that there's a bit of snowstorm going on outside, which leads him to believe that there will be a snow day -- he even tries calling the superintendent, but his dad comes downstairs both him and Calvin are upset by waking up early and forces Calvin (and Hobbes) to go back to bed. When Calvin wakes up later on (once the sun's up), he learns that school has cancelled for the day, thus making it a snow day.

However, instead of working on his homework, Calvin chooses to goof off instead and, once again, doesn't bother doing his homework. School's open the next day, but fortunately for Calvin, Miss Wormwood decides to wait until the next day to collect their homework -- after getting home, Calvin claims to Hobbes that he's learned his lesson and that from now on, he's going to put work before pleasure. However, he lawyers his way around by asserting that working on a snowman is work and finishing his math homework is relief and so pleasure.