The Homework nightmare was a story arc from March 7-19 1994

Calvin has a nightmare in which his homework assignment bursts into flames, Miss Wormwood becomes an alien and pours gasoline on Calvin. He then falls into an endless abyss and dies. Calvin wakes up and realizes he forgot to do his math homework and gets up to do it at 2 AM, much to a sleepy Hobbes's displeasure. Seeing all the snowfall, he suspects the school will close. Though he tries to phone call the superintendent to be sure, both him and Calvin's father are upset with being awoken so early.

The next day is a snow day, but Calvin and Hobbes go play outside instead of catching up. Calvin regrets goofing off, but the next day is saved by the bell and does not have to turn in his homework. Calvin then states he will put work before pleasure. However, he lawyers his way around by asserting that working on a snowman is work and finishing his math homework is relief and so pleasure.

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