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"Your book ate your homework? Hmm, that's a new one." - Miss Wormwood

Calvin hates homework. He tries to find ways to avoid it, or provide excuses for his incomplete assignments. If he does happen to do it, then he usually writes preposterous answers. Calvin's parents often express concern for their son's lack of effort.

From dinnertime to his later-hour TV, a span which lasts half an hour or so, Calvin is in "homework time" (Calvin's parents eventually made homework time last from dinnertime to bed) in his room. He usually assigns his work to Hobbes despite the poor job he does. Although Hobbes has the goodwill to do so, his answers are preposterous, possibly deliberately.

Otherwise, Calvin has also dodged homework by turning into Stupendous Man and turning back time, using "efficient" time management, or even bargaining with Galaxoid and Nebular. When Calvin could not complete his homework, he made up absurd excuses such as his school supplies eating each other or the gravity in his house being offset.


Calvin is notably inept at the mathematic portion of his homework. He struggles with the most rudimentary addition and subtraction problems, due to flawed logical thinking and a lack of effort. He will often overcomplicate simple operations (at times with imaginary math tools and principles).

Math Mishap

A instance of Calvin's terrible mathematical abilities.

Calvin also routinely tries to get out of going it, like asking Susie for the answers, proclaiming that he's a math athesist and once simply just writing "I don't know" for all the answers. He also convinces sometimes Hobbes to do math for him, but he shares the same difficulties as Calvin, often getting answers even farther off. It's possible that Hobbes only does Calvin's homework to get tuna and salmon, supposed to be "brain food" and one of Hobbes's favorite meals.

Calvin's father also once tried to teach Calvin better skills in mathematics, which didn't help him on a test he bet on with Susie. In the end of it he gave Susie three dimes (30 cents) for a quarter (25 cent) bet, further compounding Calvin's lack of math skills.