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Hobbes reveals his sign for "Hobbes Creek

Hobbes Creek, marked by a sign reading "Hobs Crk", is a stream in the woods behind Calvin's house.

Role and Significance[]

Calvin planned to name it "Calvin's Creek" until he saw the sign Hobbes had previously planted there. Calvin and Hobbes are frequently seen lounging lazily against a tree next to the creek in the summertime. In these strips, the "Hobs Crk" sign is absent; it may have been removed, most likely by Calvin.

The creek is situated down from some mostly clear, hilly terrain, evidently a less forested area of the Woods. In a single strip, Susie mentioned a turtle present in the creek; whether it often comes to the creek is unknown.

C and H Calvin's Creek

Hobbes Creek must be the only such creek in the woods since Calvin referred to it as "the creek" before naming it. Susie also referred to it as such in a later comic.

The spelling on the sign suggests that Hobbes has poor literary skills, even though he has written several poems in eloquent rhyme. As such, Hobbes most likely just shortened the words to fit them in. The sign may have been removed, as it was never seen in any other comics featuring the creek.


  • It could possibly lead to the lake where Calvin and Hobbes crash their wagon, as seen in a few strips, although there's no proof of this.