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The Hideous Blob is an alien in the Spaceman Spiff universe. It was featured in a single Sunday strip, where Spaceman Spiff lands on the planet Anhooie-4.

The Hideous Blob was a small greenish-brown mound with tentacle-like protrusions for legs and a single, striped eyeball atop a short stalk. It was able to open a hole in itself, which was presumably its mouth. According to Spiff, the Blob was "monumentally" stupid, explaining how it simply stared straight ahead of itself, unaware of its surroundings. The alien was resilient enough to hold up against Spiff's Blaster on the "Liquefy" setting, a perplexing degree of toughness given its appearance.

The creature does not appear hostile, but it did defend itself by calling down an apparent alien authority upon being shot.